TikTok is banned in Nepal.

TikTok is banned in Nepal for “disturbing social harmony,” and the country demands social media app control.

Nepal has now outlawed TikTok.

TikTok is banned in Nepal

TikTok is banned in Nepal, The well-known social media app was immediately banned by the Nepali government on Monday, according to the Associated Press, because it was upsetting “social harmony.” The declaration was made only a few days after authorities tightened the rules governing content on all social media platforms with a 19-point guideline.

According to Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud, the app would be blocked right now.

Saud told  that the government had chosen to outlaw TikTok because it was important to control how people used the social media site, which was upsetting societal cohesion, goodwill, and the flow of offensive content.

promotes hateful speech

TikTok is banned in Nepal, TikTok is upsetting “our social harmony, family structure and family relations,” according to the country’s minister of communications and information technology, Rekha Sharma, who made the announcement of the restrictions.

TikTok is banned in Nepal, As per the report, there are over 2.2 million active users on TikTok in Nepal.

According to The Kathmandu Times, the Nepali government announced the ban in response to several complaints that TikTok promotes hate speech. The media organisation based in Nepal stated that 1,647 incidences of cybercrime were reported on the video sharing app.

According to government authorities, the restriction was only implemented after TikTok ignored complaints about disturbing content, despite repeated attempts by the government to do so.

TikTok is banned in Nepal, According to The Kathmandu Times, the government stated that the decision to regulate social media was made in response to complaints that it was difficult for authorities to handle user concerns and remove objectionable content from the platforms because companies did not have representatives in Nepal.

TikTok is banned in Nepal,The government of Nepal claimed to have contacted TikTok several times, but the business had turned down its requests to discuss “troubling” content.

Nine days have passed since the government last brought up the matter with TikTok representatives, but to no result.

However, the ban has not gone down well with many, and in Nepal, where society is thought to be comparatively more open and progressive, it has sparked a debate about freedom of expression and an independent media.

If TikTok has been banned in Nepal for “disturbing social harmony,” it would likely be due to concerns about the content on the platform or its impact on society. Governments often regulate or restrict certain apps and platforms to address issues related to privacy, security, or cultural and social concerns.

TikTok is banned in Nepal, If Nepal has demanded control over social media apps, it could indicate a broader effort to regulate and monitor online content within the country. Governments around the world have been taking various measures to manage the impact of social media on their societies, which can include imposing restrictions, implementing content moderation policies, or seeking cooperation from platform operators to ensure compliance with local laws.

Issues with the app
TikTok, which is owned by China, has come under fire in a number of nations, including the US and Canada, over worries that Beijing would use the app to obtain private user information for its own purposes. It was also one of several hundred Chinese apps that India’s neighbouring countries banned in 2020 as a result of an ongoing military stalemate between the two Himalayan nations.
According to the foreign minister, in order to increase social media companies’ accountability,

To get the most up-to-date information on the status of TikTok in Nepal and the government’s actions regarding social media app control, I recommend checking the latest news sources or official government statements.

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