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The automotive world is abuzz with excitement as Lexus unveils its latest masterpiece, the 2024 Lexus GX. This article will take you on a journey through the remarkable features and innovations that make the 2024 model stand out in the highly competitive SUV market.

As car enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of the 2024 Lexus GX, the brand continues to uphold its reputation for combining luxury with performance. This SUV promises an unparalleled driving experience, and the enthusiasts can’t wait to get behind the wheel.


Embarking on a groundbreaking journey, the 2024 Lexus GX introduces unprecedented Overtrail and Overtrail+ trims, boasting the standard inclusion of 33-inch All-Terrain tires mounted on 18-inch wheels. The power at its core stems from a 3.4L twin-turbo V6, unleashing a formidable 349 horsepower and a commanding 479 lb.-ft. of torque.

In a revolutionary move, a hybrid powertrain option stands on the horizon, set to make its debut in the U.S. at a subsequent date. Elevating the technological prowess, the vehicle incorporates the Standard Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 and the Lexus Interface, featuring a colossal 14-inch multimedia touchscreen.

Beyond the ordinary, the 2024 Lexus GX distinguishes itself with an impressive towing capacity of up to 8,000 lbs., affirming its prowess in versatility. The journey commences with a starting MSRP of $64,250*, encompassing the Delivery, Processing, and Handling Fee.

Anticipated to grace Lexus dealerships in the early months of 2024, this avant-garde marvel epitomizes a fusion of innovation and elegance, setting new benchmarks in the automotive landscape.

The anticipation finds its resolution as the 2024 Lexus GX, long-awaited and steeped in elegance, stands prepared for adventures that beckon. A fusion of opulent features, off-road prowess, and lavish excellence distinguishes this masterpiece. Undergoing a complete reimagination from its very foundation, the novel GX beckons enthusiasts to embrace their wanderlust, navigate unexplored paths, and relish the sheer delight of being behind the wheel.

Emerging onto the North American stage in 2002, the inaugural GX asserted its dominance in the mid-luxury SUV realm. The Lexus devotees have extolled its fabled off-road capabilities and its knack for traversing rugged terrains, seamlessly transitioning from daily errands to remote expanses. The 2024 rendition builds upon the formidable legacy of its predecessor, seamlessly blending intuitive technology, considerate interior accents, and an unwavering commitment to off-road mastery, meeting the expectations of Lexus patrons.

The 2024 GX unfolds its allure through six distinct gradations: Premium, Premium+, Luxury, Luxury+, and debuting in the Lexus lineup, Overtrail and Overtrail+. For a comprehensive breakdown of features, both standard and optional, categorized by grade, refer to the GX Specifications.


The GA-F Framework and Suspension Elegance

In the year 2024, the GX model seamlessly integrates with the GA-F platform, initially showcased in the LX 600 of the current generation. This robust and feathery ladder frame not only amplifies structural robustness but also refines on-road maneuverability—a pivotal facet of the Lexus Driving Signature. Ingeniously crafted to endure the twists of off-road terrain, this platform serves as a conduit for optimizing suspension dynamics, fostering unwavering wheel articulation, and upholding tire contact uniformity, all while ensuring in-cabin equilibrium.

The fortification of this framework further endows vehicle owners with the capacity to transport a gamut of Lexus dealer-offered accessories and equipment, including rooftop abodes, recovery kits, and more, available through the Associated Accessory Parts (AAP) Program.

A recently forged double-wishbone front suspension collaborates with a multi-link rear suspension, fashioning a harmonious blend of off-road tenacity and on-road finesse. The Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), an optional feature, tirelessly fine-tunes damping forces in response to evolving road conditions. The GX also embraces Electronic Power Steering (EPS), bestowing heightened steering sensitivity whether traversing on or off the beaten path.

Developed Mechanism: 3.4-Liter Twin Turbocharged V6 and Direct Shift Decuple Automatic Transmission The recently introduced GX proffers two propulsive alternatives designed to cater to the discerning preferences of its clientele. For the upcoming 2024 iteration in the United States, the GX will boast a standard installation featuring an exceptionally adept and resourceful twin-turbocharged 3.4L V6 powerplant seamlessly coupled with a Direct Shift Decuple Automatic Transmission sporting ten gears.

Notably, an enhanced EPA-estimated highway fuel efficiency stands at 21 MPG. The twin-turbocharged V6, a paragon of mechanical prowess, generates a formidable 349 horsepower, surpassing its predecessor’s V8 iteration, which mustered a meager 301 horsepower. Concurrently, the torque output attains a prodigious 479 lb.-ft.

The dual turbochargers administer a consistent and unwavering surge of acceleration, deftly regulating the meted-out power across diverse on and off-road scenarios. Towing prowess receives a substantial augmentation, ascending to an impressive 8,000 lbs. for Premium, Premium+, and Overtrail trims, all thanks to the inclusion of a standard tow hitch.

A hybridized powertrain option is poised to grace the United States market at a later juncture.

Lexus Overtrail Initiative Unveiled

Unveiled amid the grandeur of the Tokyo Outdoor Show, Lexus has inaugurated the groundbreaking “Overtrail Project,” a visionary endeavor poised to kindle a global passion for immersive natural escapades. The prime objective is to imbue forthcoming Lexus patrons with an expanded array of prospects, encompassing potential merchandise, accoutrements, paraphernalia, and encounters. Nestled beneath this avant-garde initiative are the novel Overtrail and Overtrail+ classifications, heralding a new era for enthusiasts.

Off-Road Performance

From its inception, the GX has carved a niche for itself in the realm of off-road dominion, and the 2024 GX perpetuates this saga. A perpetual 4WD configuration comes as standard, ensuring unwavering adaptability across diverse terrains.

Integral to off-road escapades, the Torsen® limited-slip locking center differential is a ubiquitous feature across all GX models, harmoniously dividing the engine’s power in a 50:50 ratio. This meticulous orchestration caters to impeccable control in low-traction scenarios, staunchly preventing superfluous wheel spin.

During cornering accelerations, the Torsen® differential judiciously allocates driving force based on the load on the rear left and right wheels, orchestrating a calibrated performance. In linear locomotion, it adeptly responds to shifting road conditions, augmenting the overall equilibrium of the vehicle.

For an extended scope, the Overtrail and Overtrail+ variants exclusively introduce an electronically controlled locking rear differential. Activated through a console-mounted switch, this innovation uniformly dispenses power between the left and right rear wheels, ensuring synchronous wheel rotation. Moreover, in specific instances, the locking rear differential is architected to channel power to the wheel that maintains traction.

The 2024 Lexus GX 550 Overtrail and Overtrail+ models embrace the standard Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS), epitomizing a delicate equilibrium between off-road maneuverability and on-road handling stability.

This system dynamically engages and disengages the front and rear stabilizer bars, bolstering control and augmenting wheel articulation. Subject to driving conditions, velocity, steering input, and the driver’s choice of Multi-Terrain Select (MTS) settings, the system autonomously toggles the front and rear stabilizer bars to meet exigencies.

The GX boasts a formidable 26-degree approach, a 24-degree breakover, and a 21-degree departure angle. MTS makes a triumphant return on the GX with heightened functionality and prowess. Devised to optimize propulsive force, hydraulic brake pressure, and suspension control, contingent on the chosen mode, the system facilitates seamless transitions between high range (H4) and low range (L4). L4 unfolds in four distinctive modes: Auto, Sand, Mud, and Rock,

while H4 flexes across five modes: Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud, and Deep Snow. Engaging Multi-Terrain Select activates the Multi-Terrain Monitor, enhancing the driver’s vision beneath and around the vehicle during off-road navigation. The Multi-Terrain Monitor presents subterranean, lateral, anterior, and posterior subterranean perspectives, empowering the driver to scrutinize conditions, blind spots, and the spacing between obstacles.

Rough Yet Refined Exterior:

Embarking on an entirely novel journey, the GX of the future unveils an overtly assertive outer facade, radiating the resilient, robust character it has consistently earned over numerous epochs. The architects at Lexus were resolute in articulating the off-road prowess intrinsic to a bona fide body-on-frame SUV. Their guiding beacon was the visualization of GX patrons savoring sophisticated outdoor escapades, propelling them to conceive a GX that epitomizes the contrast between a robust exterior and a soothing, opulent, and contemporary internal expanse.

The 2024 iteration of GX heralds a discernible departure from its antecedent, adopting a square-bodied silhouette bedecked with a horizontal design theme. Confrontationally, the brand-new GX perpetuates the Lexus spindle body paradigm at the forefront, boasting a resolute, audacious design that concurrently augments off-road utility. To realize an earthbound, unwavering posture, designers fashioned a tightly stretched physique with an expansive track and pronounced fender flares, retracting the front pillar base rearward.

The comprehensive width burgeons by 3.74 inches (Exceeding the trail by 4.52 inches) compared to the former GX generation. Standard Triple-Beam LED headlamps and an elevated grille opening mitigate potential road encounters. LED fog and cornering lamps enhance visibility. The front overhang diminishes by 0.78 inches, elevating clearance. The commanding frontal aura is orchestrated by the seamless integration of the grille and headlamps.

Laterally, the 2024 GX proclaims a robust, commanding presence, showcasing a horizontally cascading physique. The A-pillar’s rearward retraction enhances visibility, complemented by a lowered belt line and enhanced ground clearance. In the rear, the square, assertive demeanor persists, marked by the distinctive unified L-shaped light bar. The revamped LEXUS insignia is an extension of the Next Chapter design, premiering on the 2022 NX. In response to consumer input, the forthcoming GX will boast a standard power-operated rear lift door (a pioneering feat for GX) with a retractable window and an optional touch-free sensor for hands-free ease.

The 2024 GX extends a palette of exterior hues, contingent upon the grade, encompassing Eminent White Pearl, Nebula Gray Pearl, Atomic Silver, GX-exclusive Incognito, Caviar, Nori Green Pearl, and Nightfall Mica. The Overtrail and Overtrail+ variants will offer unique dual-tone exterior amalgamations, including Atomic Silver/Black Roof, Incognito/Black Roof, Nori Green Pearl/Black Roof, and the groundbreaking Earth/Black Roof, a first for Lexus.

Opulent Interiors:

The freshly introduced GX offers patrons a dualistic essence befitting a sumptuous SUV – an unyielding, adept exterior coupled with opulent internal facets that forge a haven for cross-country expeditions. Regardless of the journey’s duration, chauffeurs and occupants will harvest the advantages of a contemporary and refined internal milieu. Showcasing the driver-centric cockpit configuration also evident in the cutting-edge RX, the novel GX demonstrates considerate facets that empower the driver with the assurance to concentrate on the impending odyssey.

A noteworthy refinement from the prior model is the innovative lower, horizontally oriented instrument panel design that extends seamlessly into the dashboard, affording a streamlined experience for the driver and passenger, ensuring exceptional frontal and lateral visibility. It crafts an uncluttered, expansive expanse that seamlessly links the available Head-Up Display (HUD) to the focal point, where the standard 14-inch Multimedia Touchscreen Display equipped with Lexus Interface technology is situated.

Tangible gauges for frequently accessed controls such as air conditioning and audio volume persist, while all accessible off-road commands cluster proximately to the gear shifter, mitigating potential distractions for the driver. The 2024 GX comes furnished with wireless Apple CarPlay® Integration and Android Auto™ compatibility, along with a digital 12.3 Multi-Information Display (MID).


Accommodating up to seven individuals (Premium, Premium+, Luxury, Luxury+), the novel GX incorporates considerate nuances at every juncture. Ergonomic interventions have been implemented to alleviate load and enhance driving posture through enhancements in seat cushioning, seatback support, and headrest design. Furthermore, the front seat hip point to heel height has been augmented by 1.18 inches.

The second row offers two alternatives: captain’s chairs or a 60:40 split-folding bench (Premium+, Luxury, Luxury+). A single-motion tumble system has been introduced for convenient access to the third row or luggage compartment. Standard heated and ventilated outboard seats are provided for the driver and front passenger, with optional heated second-row seats. The third row offers both power and manual seat configurations. A rear seat reminder has been incorporated to augment safety and convenience.

The interior’s color palette, centered around earth tones, aims to harmonize with the natural surroundings just beyond the vehicle’s confines. The 2024 GX offers both semi-aniline leather and NuLuxe® trimmed interiors in Black, Dapple Gray, or Saddle Tan, complemented by black or dark brown grained accents. Overtrail variants showcase a GX-exclusive color scheme with Black NuLuxe® trimmed interiors featuring Olive Ultrasuede accents or Chateau NuLuxe® trimmed interiors with Olive Ultrasuede accents and black ornamentation.

Six illuminated charging ports (four in Overtrail and Overtrail+) are strategically positioned, and a wireless charging pad graces the front console tray to complete the technology-focused internal ambiance. Naturally, storage capacity within the center console, door pockets, and an impressive 12 cupholders has been expanded.

Luggage room for both the second and third row configurations has seen an enhancement compared to the previous iteration, accommodating up to 5 suitcases with the third row folded. Two additional storage compartments have been incorporated beneath the cargo area to cater to smaller items, accompanied by the addition of a 120V AC inverter to fulfill supplementary power needs.

The 2024 GX is outfitted with a standard 10-speaker premium sound system, with the option for a 21-Speaker Mark Levinson Surround Sound upgrade. Depending on the trim, additional choices encompass Digital Key* with SmartAccess Card Key, Cool Box, Head-Up Display, Traffic Jam Assist**, Cold Area Package, and Tonneau Cover.

Technology and Features

Amalgamation of Lexus Interface and a Standard 14-Inch Touchscreen Incorporated within the Lexus Interface is an ordinary yet sophisticated 14-inch touchscreen, providing the driver and front-seat passenger with an interface of unparalleled intricacy and a burst of diverse controls. This high-definition touchscreen, not commonly found in conventional vehicles, effortlessly imparts lucid information and facilitates user-friendly maneuvering. The glass screens boast a cutting-edge high-adhesion, anti-reflective coating, contributing to the realization of a display that vividly stands out. The menu operations, reminiscent of the interactive functionalities observed in smartphones and tablets, present an additional layer of complexity.


To further amplify the perplexity and burstiness for the driver and front passenger, a central knob, discreetly positioned at the lower extremity of the screen, undertakes the management of power activation/deactivation and volume adjustment. This unique control element introduces an element of sophistication, elevating the overall user experience.

Navigating the Ethereal Skies

Embarking on a journey with the avant-garde Drive Connect trial or subscription opens the gateway to a system drenched in the 100% ethereal essence of the cloud. This sophisticated integration seamlessly melds with the intricacies of Google Points of Interest (POI) data, unraveling a tapestry that delivers search results with unparalleled alacrity. The cadence of accuracy in directions takes center stage, offering a symphony of precision that harmonizes with the dynamic pulse of current traffic conditions. Embracing the offline mode, a vigilant sentinel detecting the potential evanescence of signals, orchestrates a prelude by downloading maps and services in advance, ensuring continuity even in the face of signal loss.

Intelligent Assistant

Equipped with an ongoing Drive Connect trial or subscription, the Cognitive Aid brings about a seamless experience for visitors. Engineered with dual microphones, advanced noise suppression, and seat identification capabilities to enhance voice recognition precision, a mere utterance of “Greetings, Lexus” empowers the execution of specific internal functionalities. This encompasses the management of navigation, multimedia options, and climate modulation through accessible vocal directives.

Smart Access Card Key and Digital Key

The Digital Key (Present)* and Smart Access Card Key emerge as heralds of avant-garde connectivity. With an activated Remote Connect subscription, patrons can harness the prowess of their compatible handheld device, seamlessly metamorphosing it into a vehicular oracle through the conduits of the Lexus app. The Digital Key, an offering of distinction, not only bestows dominion over portal guardianship but also unfolds an enhanced operability panorama, seamlessly synchronizing with scenarios such as communal auto usage, valet sojourns, or the dispatch of domiciliary packages.

Notably, the Digital Key extends its benevolence across a coterie of seven additional guests, thereby orchestrating a milieu of expediency for those duly inscribed within the annals of the Lexus App. The intersection of digital ingenuity and automotive virtuosity ushers forth an era where the mundane act of sharing access metamorphoses into a symphony of technological prowess and convenience.

Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay Compatibility

Wireless integration of Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ takes center stage within the Lexus GX, ushering in a realm of connectivity that transcends the conventional. This avant-garde feature facilitates seamless access to a myriad of preferred applications, placing the reins of control firmly in the hands of the user within their chosen mobile device ecosystem. The wireless modality extends its embrace to encompass the registration of up to five Bluetooth™ devices, permitting the concurrent connection of a maximum of two devices at any given juncture.

Remote Connect

With an ongoing Remote Connect trial or subscription, the Lexus application can be employed to remotely secure or unseal the portals, commence vehicular ignition, and modulate the ambient temperature. Verify vehicular well-being and more through the application.

Safety Connect

Enthusiasts are afforded the opportunity to employ their decade-long trial of the Lexus Safety Connect for access to exceptional services in the event of emergencies or vehicular theft.

Service Connect

Accessible through the Lexus app, the decade-long trial of Service Connect serves to establish a connection between a compatible Lexus, its possessor, and the dealer. This facilitates the provision of exhaustive maintenance reminders and comprehensive Vehicle Health Reports.

Head-Up Display (Available)

Indispensable data, such as the speedometer and shift position, coupled with additional information encompassing navigational directives and the data presented during the activation of Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Assist, and Road Sign Assist, can be judiciously displayed within the driver’s line of sight. The placement of this display can be intricately synchronized with a driver’s seat position memory function.

Unveiling the Mark Levinson Sonic Symphony (Accessible)

Experience the sonic opulence of the available 21-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound meticulously calibrated for the GX’s inner sanctum. This cutting-edge auditory ensemble incorporates Mark Levinson QLS (Quantum Logic Surround) sound technology, orchestrating a stage-like auditory panorama that bathes every occupant, transcending seating hierarchies with a harmonious fusion of resonances.

Revolutionary Traffic Flow Facilitator (Accessible)

Empowered by an active Drive Connect trial or subscription, this avant-garde technology vigilantly observes ambient traffic dynamics during compressed, low-velocity drives along restricted access thoroughfares. Effortlessly, it propels forward and decelerates as exigencies dictate, meticulously maintaining a predetermined trailing distance from the antecedent vehicle. Beyond mere hands-free steering support, this ingenious system possesses the prowess to gracefully bring the vehicle to a complete standstill, subsequently recommencing its trajectory when the forward traffic reanimates.

*Accessible through subscription. Hinging on the 4G network. Refer to for comprehensive elucidation.


Lexus Safety System + 3.0

To augment tranquility, every GX model is inherently equipped with the Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, an amalgamated suite of dynamic safety apparatus and facilitative amenities.

Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Pedestrian Detection

Engineered to discern an automobile, pedestrian, or bicyclist and deliver an auditory/visual forewarning of an impending collision under specific circumstances. In the absence of driver response, the mechanism is devised to enact automatic emergency braking within the velocity spectrum of around 7-110 mph. PCS deploys a combination of a photographic device and millimeter-wave radar to elevate its efficacy and dependability.

Risk Aversion Emergency Maneuver Assistance – Aids in fortifying the evasion of collisions with discernible entities within the thoroughfare, effecting subtle deceleration and steering maneuvers during specific diurnal circumstances.

Sinistral Pivot Approaching Vehicle Recognition/Deceleration – Tailored to furnish an alert and automated deceleration in instances where the system discerns a driver executing a leftward pivot in the trajectory of an approaching vehicle during particular daylight scenarios.

behold the All-speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

a sophisticated cruise control marvel meticulously crafted for highway expeditions. This avant-garde system, employing both radar and camera technologies, endeavors to maintain the conveyance at a preordained speed and distance from antecedent vehicles, even amidst the capricious ebb and flow of stop-and-go traffic. Should the system discern an encroachment beyond the stipulated distance, it artfully orchestrates an automatic deceleration, bordering on a complete vehicular standstill. At the zenith of highway velocities, upon the clearing of the thoroughfare ahead, the conveyance gracefully reverts to its pre-established speed.

Enter the Lane Tracing Assist (LTA),

an indispensable companion to the DRCC. Activated in concert with its vehicular compatriot and guided by the discernment of lane markers, LTA harnesses the delineations on the asphalt or the preceding vehicular vanguards to proffer an active symphony of driving assistance. Its noble quest? To ensconce the vehicle in the very epicenter of its designated lane.

Amidst the technological pantheon, we encounter the Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) 

a vigilante in the face of driver inertia. Should the system detect a conspicuous absence of driver inputs over a discernible temporal expanse, it orchestrates audible admonitions to rouse the driver from their vehicular reverie. Should the auditory wake-up call go unheeded, EDSS embarks on a gradual vehicular deceleration, ensuring a graceful halt while maintaining the sanctity of the lane. As a final beacon of caution, hazard lights are unfurled, a visual proclamation to fellow road denizens. Noteworthy is the caveat that EDSS only springs into action when traversing expressways with DRCC and LTA engaged in their vehicular ballet.

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/SA)

emerges as the arbiter of vehicular trajectory integrity. When the discerning eyes of the system espy white or yellow lane demarcations, or certain boundaries at speeds exceeding 32 mph, LDA w/SA embarks on a harmonious convergence of audio-visual cues, signaling the vehicular helmsman about an inadvertent foray beyond the lane precincts. Should the driver linger in inaction, the system, donning the mantle of vehicular custodianship, bestows a gentle corrective nudge to realign the wayward vessel.

Behold the omniscient Road Sign Assist (RSA),

a virtuoso in the lexicon of intelligent cameras. RSA, endowed with perceptual acuity, casts its gaze upon speed limit signs, stop signs, Do Not Enter signs, yield signs, and select warning signs. Its artistic flourish lies in the exhibition of sign icons on the Multi-Information Display (MID), a veritable tableau of visual guidance.

In the vanguard of anticipatory vehicular dexterity stands Proactive Driving Assist (PDA).

When the orchestration of system conditions attains harmonious resonance, PDA, endowed with the ocular prowess of the vehicle’s camera and radar, renders judicious braking in the throes of curves. Alternatively, it weaves a tapestry of gentle braking and/or steering, a symphony of support facilitating the intricate dance of distance control between the vehicular entity and its antecedent, be it a fellow vehicle, pedestrian, or bicyclist.

In the crucible of vehicular craftsmanship, the 2024 GX emerges, a testament to precision and finesse. Born on the hallowed grounds of the Tahara plant in Japan, this automotive luminary is poised to grace dealerships with its presence in the early dawn of 2024.



2024 GX Pricing

Model NameMSRP+DPH
GX 550 Premium$64,250
GX 550 Premium +$69,250
GX 550 Luxury$77,250
GX 550 Luxury +$81,250
GX 550 Overtrail$69,250
GX 550 Overtrail +$77,250



In conclusion, the All-New 2024 Lexus GX is more than just an SUV; it’s a statement of elegance, power, and technological prowess. With its alluring design, advanced features, and commitment to safety and sustainability, the GX stands as a testament to Lexus’s dedication to exceeding expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the 2024 Lexus GX available for test drives at local dealerships?Yes, most Lexus dealerships offer test drives for the 2024 GX. Contact your nearest dealership to schedule a test drive and experience the luxury firsthand.
  2. What is the warranty coverage for the 2024 Lexus GX?The warranty coverage typically includes a basic warranty, powertrain warranty, and corrosion protection. Check with your local dealership for specific details.
  3. Are there any special financing options available for the 2024 Lexus GX?Lexus often provides special financing options for qualified buyers. Explore these options with your dealership’s financing department for more details.
  4. Can I customize the interior features of the 2024 Lexus GX?Yes, Lexus offers various customization options for the interior, allowing you to personalize your driving experience. Consult with your dealership for available choices.
  5. What sets the 2024 Lexus GX apart from other luxury SUVs in its class?The 2024 GX distinguishes itself with a perfect balance of luxury, performance, and off-road capabilities. Its advanced technology and safety features further elevate it in its class.

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