Billie Eilish on Coming Out



Billie Eilish on Coming Out: ‘I Didn’t Realize People Didn’t Know’

Billie Eilish Unveils Personal Revelation: ‘The Unnoticed Epiphany’

Billie Eilish has affirmed the recent revelation of her authentic self within the pages of Variety’s Power of Women cover feature. In this narrative, she initially discloses her romantic inclinations towards women.

While gracing the red carpet at Variety’s Hitmakers gala, Eilish conveyed that she harbored no intention of orchestrating a grandiose “coming out” spectacle. Surprisingly, she found herself taken aback by the public’s response to her candid statements. “I somewhat presumed, wasn’t it glaringly obvious? I failed to comprehend that people remained oblivious. I simply resist the notion. Why can’t our existence just be? I’ve been engaged in this for an extensive period, and I refrained from articulating it.”

Within the November profile, Eilish delved into uncharted territory, unraveling her sentiments towards women for the first time. In a candid dialogue with Variety’s Katcy Stephan, she expressed, “I’ve perennially found it challenging to establish a connection with females. I harbor immense admiration for them. I cherish them as individuals. My genuine attraction transcends the superficial. I’m authentically drawn to them.” She continued, “I foster profound bonds with the women in my circle, both friends and family. I’m not only physically drawn to them but also daunted by their allure and commanding presence.”

During the Hitmakers event, where the songstress garners recognition for the accolade of Film Song of the Year alongside her sibling Finneas, Variety’s Tiana DeNicola inquired whether her perception of how other women perceive her has evolved post the story’s revelation. Eilish responded, “I’m still apprehensive, but I acknowledge their allure!”

Billie Eilish on Coming Out

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