Meet the new fully electric Volvo EX90.

Volvo EX90. Meet the new fully electric EX90, a premium 7-seat SUV that defines a new era for safety

Volvo EX90. Encounter the novel fully electric EX90, an opulent 7-passenger SUV that heralds a fresh epoch in safety.

Meet the new fully electric Volvo EX90, Approximately half an hour is the estimated duration for DC fast charging, spanning from 10% to 80%. Bestowed with 496 horsepower, the power quotient ascends up to 496 horsepower. A swift 4.7 seconds is the acceleration, propelling from 0 to 60 mph at such a remarkable pace.

In its inherently electric genesis, the Volvo EX90 can traverse a distance of up to 300 miles on a solitary charge, all without emitting any residual tailpipe fumes.

Embracing adaptable comfort for a maximum of seven occupants, the EX90 optimizes legroom and ergonomic solace through seven effortlessly adaptable, full-sized seating arrangements.

Embarking on a pioneering chapter for safety, avant-garde radars and cameras augmented by lidar discern potential hazards beyond the confines of your sight and extend supplementary aid when the situation necessitates.

The interior, responsibly procured and premium, takes inspiration from the aesthetics of a Scandinavian living space. The EX90 cabin showcases a contemporary, lavish, and uncluttered design, offering upscale Nordico or Wool Blend upholstery alternatives.

Effortlessly managing everything from the temperature within the cabin to panoramic camera perspectives, the expansive, detached center display exemplifies faster and more responsive connectivity.

Pioneering the Safe Space Technology, this vehicle integrates state-of-the-art sensors, featuring lidar, a driver alert system, and occupant sensing, to deliver an unparalleled standard of safety.

Upholding an industry-leading safety paradigm, remain vigilant with the bolstering exterior sensing technology. Boasting lidar capabilities, it discerns risks with unparalleled precision, aligning with our quest for a collision-free vision.

Facilitated by an internal sensor array and a capacitive steering wheel, the driver alert system comprehends instances of distraction and intervenes as needed.

Crafted to forestall inadvertent abandonment, the occupant sensing system will promptly alert you if it perceives an unintentional locking-in of someone within the car.

In the event of an impending collision risk at an intersection, the intersection collision assist mechanism kicks in, alerting the driver and applying automatic brakes to avert or alleviate impact.

Specifications Full details regarding specifications and model intricacies.

Seating Capacity Seven

Dimensions Width: 77.3 inches Height: 68.8 inches Length: 198.3 inches

Cargo Holding Capability Up to 67.6 cubic feet

Maximum Towing Capacity 4850 pounds

External Dimensions

Height: 68.8 inches

Width: 77.3 inches

Length: 198.3 inches

Width including

mirrors: 83.2 inches

Wheelbase: 117.5 inches

Front Track: 65.9 inches

Rear Track: 65.6 inches

Turning Circle: 38.8 feet

Internal Dimensions F

ront Head Room: 44.2 inches

Rear Head Room: 41.6 inches

Front Shoulder Room: 58.1 inches

Rear Shoulder Room: 57.8 inches

Front Leg Room: 40.9 inches

Rear Leg Room: 36.5 inches

Front Hip Room: 56 inches

Rear Hip Room: 56.5 inches

Third Row Head Room: 35.8 inches

Third Row Shoulder Room: 46.7 inches

Third Row Hip Room: 43.1 inches

Third Row Leg Room: 31.9 inches

Car Audio System Options The EX90 offers a selection of audio system options.

Bowers & Wilkins High Fidelity

  • 25 speakers
  • 25 channels
  • 1610W output
  • Dolby Atmos compatible
  • Inclusive of a subwoofer

Bose Premium Sound

  • 14 speakers
  • 14 channels
  • 760W output
  • Inclusive of a subwoofer

Meet the new fully electric Volvo EX90

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